Pricey Dr. Cannell:

I see the Darkish Facet is at it once more. Of their newest assault on vitamin D, the Mayo Clinic authors, Gailor et al, promote worry of a easy, secure, efficient and OTC vitamin D3. Why? Oh sure, PROFITS not HEALTH! They’re accountable for the many years of burying analysis, denying the advantages and instilling worry of its toxicity.

Now, they write, “vitamin D deficiency is a hype,” “analysis exhibits vitamin D is harmful and may intoxicate,” “needs to be prescription solely,” its “advantages are unproven,” and “physicians ought to keep away from its use.”

The Bible will remind them to beg for mercy at their judgement from the victims their vitamin D ignorance has harm or killed, once they face God’s judgement.

Thanks for combating,


Galior Okay, Grebe S, Singh R. Growth of Vitamin D Toxicity from Overcorrection of Vitamin D Deficiency: A Evaluate of Case Stories.

Vitamins. 2018 Jul 24;10(eight). Evaluate.

Pricey David:

Are you a younger man, as Caesar requested, “in your salad days, inexperienced in judgment, chilly in blood?” Possibly, your anger is main you in direction of vengeance? In that case, carry two coffins.

Your opinion, shared by others in our neighborhood, is widespread, multinational, pharmaceutical-company-driven and medically-approved organized conspiracy is actively suppressing vitamin D data for their very own ends, their evil ends rival Hitler’s and your hope this “Darkish Facet” will quickly face God’s vengeance, as your Bible guarantees?

David, why can’t I discover, after due diligence, wherever the place Galior et al wrote something remotely like that? As a substitute, I learn that these “Darkish Siders” wrote, “vitamin D intoxication is uncommon,” “has a “large therapeutic index,” “overdose is rare,” “the medical options of overdose are lethargy, vomiting, polyuria, polydipsia, altered sensorium, renal dysfunction, weight reduction, nausea, and weak point,” “when utilizing high-dose remedy, physicians ought to instruct sufferers about its correct use, keep away from extra over-the-counter dietary supplements, restrict the variety of excessive prescriptions and have 25(OH)D ranges checked recurrently,” and declaring “vitamin D reveals a number of non-skeletal results, significantly in most cancers, cardiovascular illnesses, and autoimmune illnesses.”

I discovered these feedback each correct and helpful. Sure, they might have higher detailed vitamin D’s security metrics, such therapeutic index, side-effects (which can be decrease than placebo), LD-50 [unknown for people (30 mg/kg for mice or 60,000,000 IU for a 50 kg human)], US Poison Management knowledge, animal toxicity in canine (couldn’t calculate lowest deadly dose) and so on. present it’s, arguably, the most secure “drug” physicians have.

David, the graph beneath exhibits the progress we’re making in opposition to your Darkish Siders. In 2003, the few physicians who ordered vitamin D checks, usually ordered the unsuitable take a look at and a few referred to as me as much as argue about it: “No physician, a 1,25(OH)D take a look at may very well mislead you, it’s usually excessive when the vitamin D is low.” Look beneath, your Darkish Siders are processing 9,000 occasions extra 25(OH)D checks than 15 years in the past. Which means, 14,000 extra Mayo sufferers are taking vitamin D, as a result of their outcomes in all probability confirmed vitamin D deficiency. Extra importantly, a whole lot of Mayo physicians now higher perceive how one can use vitamin D.

On one factor David, you’re proper and Mayo’s unsuitable, the now non-existent U.S. Meals and Diet Board’s Higher Restrict was 100 mcg/day, not 50 mcg/day. Maybe a less complicated idea, like human error, not a “darkish facet” conspiracy greatest explains it.

I worry your opinions – it doesn’t matter what I write – is not going to change. In that case, ask your self the way you fashioned them? Did you first learn the proof after which kind your opinions? Opinions are in all places on all the things, a few of my previous favorites are: fluoridated water causes most cancers, vitamin C cures it, kids by no means lie about abuse, OJ Simpson was harmless, Clarence Thomas was not, Barak Obama was born in Africa and Ronald Reagan triggered homelessness.

I not often met anybody who’s opinions modified after, for instance, finding out most cancers’s incidence earlier than and after fluoridation, vitamin C’s mechanisms, the Salem Witch Trial baby abuse accusations of Elizabeth Parris (age 9) and Abigail Williams’ (age 11), watching OJ’s trial, Clarence Thomas’s and Anita Hill’s testimony, Barak Obama’s delivery certificates, or studying the three 1970s Supreme Courtroom selections ordering states to empty psychological hospitals. In the event that they did so, did they alter their opinions? Not in my expertise.

I as soon as cherished my opinions and had tons to like. To do what, I lastly requested? To show myself proper and another person unsuitable. If challenged, I’d simply seek for proof proving I used to be proper and others unsuitable, ignoring all opposite proof. I can’t bear in mind anybody who cares to, or needs to, or ever intends to, change their minds? I worry the need, observe or ability to vary minds, ours or others, as uncommon as details are to the smart. Bernard Shaw knew it’s key, “All progress requires change,” he wrote, “those that can’t change their minds can’t change something.”

David, do your opinions assist us?  Once you enlighten authorities officers, scientists, reporters, pharmaceutical executives, and so on., do they alter their minds, or extra satisfied we’re the lunatic fringe? Have you ever ever satisfied anybody, for instance, to assist Carol Baggerly and Grassrootshealth stop delivery problems, assist Henry Lahore and VitaminDWiki to catalog vitamin D data, assist Invoice Grant’s efforts at SUNARC to teach or Perry Holman on the Vitamin D Society?  I don’t find out about your God David, however mine has little use for judgement, however she’s sizzling on serving to.

Passionate opinions, the accompanying judgements, and people who harbor them, might be harmful, particularly when God is on their facet. They coloration our historical past books pink. Was it not holy males, David, consecrated males, with their opinions judgements and God in hand, who burnt to dying 500,000 “Darkish Facet” ladies – just about poor and powerless – throughout the two centuries of the European Witch Craze?

David, your God is dipositive: “Choose not, lest ye be judged, for in the identical manner you decide others, I’ll decide you, and with the measure you utilize, I will even use.”


John Cannell


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