It’s by no means enjoyable to get sick, however having a abdomen virus is really one of many worst experiences. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever all band collectively to deliver you a number of days of bathroom-ridden hell.

Fortunately, there are a number of methods you possibly can combat the signs of the abdomen flu with none over-the-counter medicine. They might not make the virus go away, however you possibly can really feel higher and heal rather a lot sooner with a number of of those professional ideas.

Confusingly, abdomen flu isn’t really the flu. Influenza virus is a respiratory an infection, whereas the abdomen flu is viral gastroenteritis.

That implies that your flu shot positively received’t stop the abdomen flu and that common influenza shouldn’t be sending you on emergency journeys to the toilet.

Signs of abdomen flu

Viral gastroenteritis causes vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and distress and normally solely lasts 1 to three days (however can really feel muuuuch longer).

The most typical type of viral gastroenteritis within the US is the norovirus. In keeping with the CDC, there are 19 to 21 million acute circumstances of norovirus inflicting gastroenteritis yearly. Although you may get the sickness in any season, it tends strike November – April.

Abdomen bugs unfold like wildfire. Norovirus could be present in your poo days earlier than you even really feel sick, in response to the CDC.

So, when you don’t wash your fingers effectively after going to the toilet after which make dinner for your loved ones, you’ve simply unfold norovirus all through the home! (Additionally: eww).

The virus is normally unfold by way of bodily contact or meals and it spreads simply. So, one of the simplest ways to keep away from gastroenteritis is by totally washing your fingers.

We’re not speaking a “run your fingers underneath the water until the depend of three” sort of wash. It’s good to use cleaning soap and heat water after each journey to the toilet, earlier than meals, and after coping with public locations ( you, MTA).

Although hand sanitizer is sweet to make use of in a pinch, the CDC warns that hand sanitizer won’t change washing with cleaning soap and water.

So, escape the sanitizer after shaking fingers with the boss that simply sneezed throughout himself, then correctly wash your fingers within the toilet as quickly as you get an opportunity.

Sadly, nothing will really kill a abdomen virus. Even when you go to the physician, there’s no vaccine to stop the virus or tablet to make it go away. You simply must let it run its course.

It’s necessary to notice that when you can’t hold something down for over 24 hours or have a fever of over 104 levels, you then do have to go to the physician immediately.

In any other case, in case your signs aren’t that extreme (as disagreeable as they could be), listed here are some treatments to ease your ache and make restoration a bit simpler.


“Ginger actually does assist soothe the abdomen!” says Practical Medication practitioner Maggie Berghoff.

A 2015 evaluation discovered that ginger helped scale back nausea and vomiting in 9 scientific research. Although extra proof is required, there’s rising proof that ginger is way over an previous wives’ story.

Nonetheless, a can of ginger ale will not be the best choice. A ginger soda has little or no precise ginger and an entire lot of sugar. “I like to recommend 100 p.c pure ginger chews or ginger tea through the day once you’re feeling nauseous,” says Berghoff.

You don’t even have to purchase a flowery tea. Simply minimize off a couple of half inch of ginger, put it in some scorching water, and voila — you’ve received abdomen soothing tea!

Now, if ginger ale is the one factor that makes you’re feeling human when you have got the abdomen flu, go for it. However a stronger dose of the foundation is prone to be extra useful.


“A Chinese language herb that works wonders for an upset abdomen is Kudzu,” says Dr. Elizabeth Trattner, Integrative Medication specialist. Kudzu is a fast-growing vine that may assist ease nausea and doubtlessly improve circulation.

She recommends taking kudzu with unsweetened apple juice, as apple pectin additionally helps coat the abdomen. It may be taken as a tea or as an extract in capsule type. Scientific herbalist Thomas Easley recommends 1,000 – three,000 milligrams as much as 3 times per day.

Hydration, hydration, hydration

“One factor generally ignored in combating off abdomen viruses is the significance of correct hydration,” says Wayne Anthony, founding father of

“Throughout a abdomen virus, you lose loads of fluids as a consequence of vomiting and diarrhea. However these aren’t the one causes of dehydration. Because you aren’t hungry (and may’t hold meals down) not consuming additionally provides to the dehydration.” Then, the dehydration itself will make you’re feeling even worse, so it’s extremely necessary to maintain your fluid consumption up when you’re sick.

“Don’t simply guzzle water down, as this may make it harder to maintain it down. As an alternative, attempt gradual slips to ease the abdomen,” says Anthony. Even when you’re extremely thirsty, when you’re nonetheless throwing up rather a lot, it’s essential to drink gradual.

Have a sip each jiffy so that you don’t set off one other spherical of vomiting. It’s also possible to drink sports activities drinks like Gatorade to be sure to’re getting salt and the opposite electrolytes you want.

If you happen to actually can’t hold something down, Anthony recommends sucking on ice chips. The chilly will in all probability really feel good (particularly when you’re feverish) and the gradual stream of water normally received’t set off your gag reflex.

Even after the worst of the sickness has previous, hold consuming water! One of the best factor for a abdomen bug is staying hydrated and when you cease consuming the second you cease vomiting, you’ll nonetheless really feel dehydrated and depressing for days.

Hold a bottle or glass of water subsequent to you always and drink all through the day. Certain, you would possibly nonetheless find yourself within the toilet rather a lot (although simply going pee shall be fairly a reduction as soon as the vomiting/diarrhea prepare has stopped), however you’ll get better a lot sooner.

As soon as the most important diarrhea and vomiting has stopped, there are some things you are able to do to make your transition again into wholesome life a bit simpler.

The BRAT weight loss program

No, this doesn’t contain any whining or complaining about your meals. BRAT stands for bananas, rice, apples, and toast. These are all simple to digest and can allow you to transition again to consuming usually.

That doesn’t imply it’s important to eat solely BRAT meals, they’re simply examples of issues that seemingly received’t upset your abdomen. And so they’ll allow you to produce extra common stools when you’re nonetheless experiencing diarrhea.

Crucial a part of the BRAT weight loss program is the way you reintroduce these meals. Don’t simply chow down on banana sandwiches the second you cease throwing up.

First, it’s important to let your abdomen relaxation, so the Oregon Clinic recommends consuming nothing within the first 6 hours after vomiting. After that, add in clearish liquids like broth, apple juice, or tea.

After a day with out vomiting, give these BRAT meals a attempt. Even when you’re hungry, be conscious of your parts. Your system continues to be recovering and also you don’t need to make your self sick by consuming an excessive amount of.

When you’ve had a day or 2 of BRAT meals and your nausea has principally subsided, you possibly can return to a standard weight loss program. Nonetheless, it’s finest to keep away from fried meals, dairy merchandise, and alcohol for a number of extra days, simply to present your abdomen an opportunity to totally get better.


The entire gastro system will get thrown for a loop throughout a abdomen virus and your intestinal microbiome is perhaps a bit out of whack.

“I like to recommend a multi-strain of probiotics that has a minimum of eight various kinds of Lactobacillus and Bifidum,” says Dr. Trattner. “There needs to be a minimum of 25 billion strains and reside (within the chilly part) are the perfect.”

The probiotics received’t make you’re feeling any completely different immediately, however they’ll assist your physique get again to regular a bit sooner.

Abdomen flu shouldn’t be really the flu. It’s a virus and although you possibly can’t power the bug out of your system, these residence treatments ought to make coping with a abdomen virus a bit simpler.

  • Ginger: Make a DIY tea by reducing off a half-inch piece of recent ginger root and placing it in some scorching water.
  • Kudzu: It’s accessible in complement type.
  • Hydration: Sip water, don’t chug!

The virus usually lasts 1 to three days. Following a delicate BRAT Weight-reduction plan (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) and taking probiotics could ease your system again to regular.

Amber Petty is an L.A.-based author. Comply with her on Instagram @ambernpetty.


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